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I have been guest speaker at a number of local astronomy clubs. I have also been the lead volunteer in the RTMC Astronomy Expo Beginner's Corner. Below are some of the topics I have prepared presentations ready to give to interested audiences. Please contact me at alexmcconahay@gmail.com for further information.

Dark in the Desert--

An expedition to the 2006 Egyptian Solar Eclipse by the Riverside Astronomical Society


Eclipse Hibrido De Panama--

A Cenral American Adventure

Images and tales of backpacking through Central America in search of the April, 2005 hybrid eclipse.

AstroHobby 101

An introduction to the allure of Astronomy as a Hobby

What Should I Buy First

What a Beginner needs to get started, and what to avoid.

Building Your Own Telescope

How and why (or why not) to make your own telescope.


Can I Take a Picture of That?

Introduction to the concepts of astrophotography.

The Transit of Venus,... and Why We Do Astronomy

Historical Background, and highlights of a trip to Greece to see the Transit of Venus in June of 2004.