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I've been travelling since forever....


In my spare time I like to travel. I enjoy cruises, and motor homing, and getting on planes, trains, collectivos (marshrutkas, jitneys, chicken busses, whatever....) and overnight busses.

I like Five Star Hotels, and even more, a good backpackers hostel.

I can go away for six weeks with just what I can put in a little backpack. Five shirts, two pairs of zip off pants, socks and stuff, a swimsuit, and a zip up hoodie is about all I need. Oh, and a good pair of walking shoes with a floppy bucket hat.

And don't forget the cameras!

I have been to all fifty states, chased eclipses on three continents, seen thirty five of the BBC's Fifty Things to See Before You Die, and all of that. I've hitch-hiked across the United states a couple of times, and around Europe. If you add up all the train rides I have ever taken, I have gone by rail around the world (well, except for a couple of oceans!). I've had to bribe my way across a border (little baksheesh, not much), been arrested for starting a revolution in Afghanistan, walked into a deserted Red Square after a rainstorm at 2:00 am, woke up with a knife to my throat (he did not get my new hiking boots!), been lost a thousand times (I am not very good at maps), slept under the darkest of skies and a huge Milky Way in a mideastern desert, and had other adventures. Lots of them.

I travel in class when I am with my wife, Judy, but hang around with the locals when on the road alone. Its just more fun that way!

Sometimes I blog. Sometimes I just take pictures. Sometimes I do neither.

Here are a few of my adventures.