Cheap Observer Report

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These articles were part of a series written for the newsletter of the Riverside Astronomical Society Newsletter, The Prime Focus. I have collected them here for your instruction and entertainment. You may find a copy of the Prime Focus here.

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Andy's Shot Glass

Andy's Shot Glass is a website "to help amateur astronomers-
on-a-budget to get the most for their money and the most out of their equipment."

01 Andy's Shot Glass

Astromart Home Page

Astromart is the busiest of the various "classified" markets for astro-gear

02 Astromart

Denver Observing Chair

Observing in comfort requires a comfortable chair. Here is one way to save your wallet while sitting on it.

03 Denver Observing Chair

PATS Crowd

At Shows and Swapmeets one can save some money, but one must know how to deal.

04 Shows and Swapmeets

WH Website

With most equipment selling for list prices, bargains require some work. But there are a few pennies to be saved here and there.

05 Making Deals

Orion and Computer Glow

We may not be able to do much about general light pollution from the city...but we should pay attention to what we do to ourselves with light emitting diodes and computer screens.

06 Fighting Local Light Pollution

Star Atlas

Paper and ink star atlases are alive and well, and essential for a serious observer.

07 Star Atlases


Stellarium and Cartes du Ciel are the Cheap Astronomer's way to put a planetarium program on a computer.

08 Computer Planetarium Programs

  More to come.....

as I write articles, which should be once a month, I will add them here.

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