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Welcome to my Astronomical Web Site. Since 1995, I have been pursuing an interest in astronomy that was born long ago when my father took us to visit Mt. Wilson, Griffith, and Palomar.

In offering these images to you, I am reminded of the ancient Persian fable of the mountain who wanted a child. It tried and tried and tried to give birth to a bright beautiful child, but could not. Finally, after long struggles, it felt the pain of labor and gave birth to . . . a mouse.

It was disappointed, not having a shiny, sparkle-eyed child. But then the mountain realized that not many mountains can give birth to a mouse.  It was an achievement!

These images represent my experimentation and growth in astrophotography. Compared to the wonderful images now being produced by amateur astro-imagers, obviously I have room for growth. My images are less than mouse-like. But, then again, not many mountains can .... 

Alex McConahay

P.S. This is my astronomy website. To see my travel sites, go HERE.


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