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Occasionally I have been asked a question, or have taken it upon myself to write a lengthy description of a process. I also write often to contribute to the Prime Focus, the newsletter of the Riverside Astronomical Society. These become "articles." I have collected them here. I also occasionally do other presentations or tutorials. If they are of use to you, please enjoy them. Return to Alex's Home Page

PixInsight and a Loaf of Bread

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Milk, ....and PixInsight

A tutorial to process your first image in Pixinsight


PixInsight and A Loaf of Bread OSC (One-Shot-Color Images). (2.2 Meg)

PixInsight and a Loaf of Bread LRGB ((Monochrome/Filters, LRGB, RGB, Narrowband) (4.2Meg)

Sequence Generator Pro Tutorial

The First Week with Sequence Generator Pro

A tutorial on setting up SGP for the newbie. (4Meg)

SGP First Week

Nightscape Powerpoint

This is the pdf of a Powerpoint presentation at Sequoia Night Sky Festival in August 2014 (8Meg)

Nightscapes Pdf here

Nightscapes Checklists and Resources here


Messier Mania

110 Mediocre Deep Space images in one STRESSFUL night. (465 M)

Messier Mania Movie

Prime Focus Newsletter Article (635 kb pdf)


Herschel 400 Report

This article was written for the RAS newsletter, Prime Focus. It tells about completing the Herschel 400 Observing Club from the Astronomical League.

Herschel 400 Report here

The Cheap Observer

These are articles originally from the RAS newsletter, Prime Focus about how to save money in the hobby of astronomy. For a sample copy of the Prime Focus click here.

Cheap Observer articles here.

The Romantic Moon

A whimsical story about how I explained the apparent size of the moon.

Iss transit
The ISS Transits the Moon

Report on photographing the ISS-Lunar Transit

A review of Photoshop Astronomy by R. Scott Ireland.
Photoshop Astronomy  
A review of A Guide to Astrophotography with Digital SLR Cameras by Jerry Lodriguss.
DSLR Astrophotography


Stellafane 2007

A pilgrimage to historic Springfield Vermont for the 2007 Stellafane Convention.

Winter Star Party 2008

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude--A visit to the Winter Star Party in 2008.
Checklist for Eclipse Photography with Ranger, Canon 20D, and photo Tripod.
Eclipse Checklist



Messier Marathon

Advice for Beginning Messier Marathoners


Gemini Bright Stars

Star Charts for the Northern Hemisphere showing Gemini Bright Stars for alignment and model building. (PDF)



Rose Colored Glasses

What you see depends on what you look through. The science behind filters and different wavelengths for telescopes. (PDF)


Nightscape Checklist

NightScape Images Checklist and Resources
  More to come.....

as I write articles, I will add them here.