Equipment and Telescope Making

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This will give you an idea of some of my equipment, and since I make some of it, my Amateur Telescope Making interests. I use a variety of equipment, depending on what I am intending to do. An outreach event at an elementary school requires portability, and not much light-gathering ability. On the other hand, Astrophotography requires half a truckload of "stuff." And those darkest of nights are best served by a simple 12 1/2 inch homemade dob. Making my own equipment, and accessories, teaches me a lot, gives me a sense of achievement, and, most important appeals to my frugality. So, here is a bit about the equipment I use, and how some of it is made.

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Outhouse Observatory--My back yard in suburban Southern California has a permanent pier and telescope installed. The Roll-Off Shelter was low cost, easy to build, but very effective and convenient.


Test Lodestar-- RJ12 Adapter

This pdf describes the parts and procedures necessaty to replace the Stock Lodestar Cable with an adapter that allows use of a standard guiding cable. 

RATS--Riverside Amateur Telescope Makers

This group, led by Steve Meyering, has been advancing mirror making and amateur astronomy for more than ten years, and has been recognized by the RTMC-Astronomy Expo both as a group, and in a series of individual Merit Awards.


Astrophoto Setup
Solar Photography
Parfocal Finder/Focusing Aid inexpensive home-made way to speed up finding and focusing

Cabling setup Observatory Cabling

...My solution to cabling problems.

  More to come.....

as I get photos of my other projects and equipment, I will add them here.